I'm a freelance photographer and retoucher based in Hertfordshire but suuuuper duper close to London. I think I fell in love with the creativity of photography when I discovered taking selfies (as narcissistic as that may sound), before mobile phone cameras, before selfies were a thing. I fell in love with how creative I could get with my Mum's DSLR (which she used to hide from me because she thought I would break it). I have landed on my feet finding a passion in shooting fashion and beauty work as well as candid street photography but most of all I love photographing LOVE...

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I love lattes, travelling, eating pasta, instagram, people, making to do lists, chocolate, finding inspiration, meeting new interesting and creative people, driving fast, wandering the streets of London with my camera, cats, being unable to put down a griping book, culture, laughing at stupid things, people watching and eating loads of cake! (no seriously, my lovely sister Malarkey Cakes is a celebration cake maker so I mean a lot of cake..)


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