I fell in love with the creativity of photography when I discovered the 'art' of taking selfies, no seriously, before mobile phone cameras and before selfies became a thing. I loved how creative I could get with my Mum's DSLR (which she used to hide from me because she thought I would break it, i had a reputation for breaking/losing cameras...) and I would always be the one at house parties with a camera in my hand when I was a teenager

i have a bachelors degree in Photography but i honestly think from my experience it was a waste of time

I'm a big environmentalist, I hate waste! Can't stand it

Pandas are my favourite animal! They're soooooooooo damn cute!

I hardly ever cut my hair, probably about 5 times in the last 10 years

I am an avid bargain hunter - only about 5% of anything I buy was full price. I love a discount me

I believe in the law of attraction

i love bbc dramas

if i could i would spend the rest of my life travelling around the world

I have a mild obsession with grey jumpers and I can't stop buying more

i also have a mild obsession with other peoples dogs